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White Whillow is owned by Annie Stoeckmann and daughter, Joy Stoeckmann.

We are located in central Minnesota.

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Our Beginning
In 2005 we adopted our first dog from a local animal shelter. Our new family member was a beautiful red and white Siberian Husky named Misty (pictured). She was a senior dog and had arthritis in her back and hind legs. Misty quickly stole our hearts, and we took her home after visiting her at the shelter a few different times. She was extremely intelligent (sometimes too much for her own good) and had the best temperament. She was part of our family for about a year and a half before she showed signs of being sick. We took her to our vet and discovered that she had cancer. She crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in October 2006, and it just broke our hearts.

Our house felt very empty without a dog's presence. We eventually decided we were ready to take on a puppy, but first was to decide on a breed. After looking at several breeds and breeders, we fell in love with the German Shepherd Dog, especially loving those with a white coat. After more research, we knew the German Shepherd Dog was the breed for us.
In March 2007 we picked up our new German Shepherd puppy, Millie. We planned to start showing her in conformation and went to watch a show. It looked like a lot of fun and would be great for socializing Millie and meeting other people in the dog world. We entered the next upcoming weekend of shows; we had a lot of fun and Millie did wonderfully. We were hooked!

Our Philosophy
We have done a great amount of research and have learned a lot about breeding and showing from many mentors, breeders, and trainers. We enjoy keeping in contact with many other German Shepherd breeders to share stories, information, and educate ourselves and others. There is always more to learn!

Our dogs are our pets and part of our family, first and foremost. They live inside with us at all times. Before making any breeding decisions, we complete the following for each of our dogs: hip and elbow x-rays evaluated by the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals, MDR1 test (or known by parentage), and DM test (or known by parentage). We put great effort into looking at health information, temperament, and pedigrees when making breeding decisions. Quality far exceeds quantity. All of our dogs are registered as German Shepherd Dogs, and we require all of our puppies to be registered only as German Shepherd Dogs.

As a breeder, we strive to produce healthy puppies with stable temperaments, correct conformation, and the ability to excel at anything they are asked to do - whether that be agility, obedience, rally, herding, tracking, flyball, or simply being a wonderful family companion. The German Shepherd Dog is an extremely versatile breed and we want our puppies to reflect that.

We believe in breeding specifically for health and temperament. We feel those are most important, closely followed by working ability and conformation. With every litter we produce, we take careful consideration and time to choose dogs that compliment each other well. We only have up to one special litter each year. We believe that a German Shepherd Dog is the combination of proper health, temperament, working ability, and conformation. Without all of these, he/she is not what the German Shepherd Dog should be. We see beauty in the versatile German Shepherd Dog.

Our Activities
We actively show in the United Kennel Club (UKC) and are members of the United German Shepherd Dog Alliance, a UKC club that hosts conformation and agility events in Minnesota. We are also members of the White German Shepherd Dog Club International, Inc.

Our main focuses are currently conformation and rally obedience. We have briefly tried out herding and agility, and in the future hope to start in therapy work and training and competing in agility.

Our Non-Canine Family Members
We also have two cats that the dogs absolutely love! (However, the cats are not always fond of the dogs!)


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