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To read more about us and our philosophy, please visit our About Us page.

Part of our family
First and foremost, our dogs and puppies are part of our family and live inside with us. They are a large part of our everyday lives, and they thrive with our attention and love. We take weekly pictures of our puppies so their new families can watch them grow up at White Whillow before bringing them home. We encourage anyone who is interested in a White Whillow puppy to come meet us and our dogs. We also love to have the new families over to play with the puppies during the time they are with us. We start welcoming new families to visit once the puppies are 4 weeks old.

Socialization from the beginning

Socialization is extremely important to us and is important for a puppy to be able to develop into a well-adjusted, confident adult. Our puppies are born and raised in our home, underfoot, and we begin the socialization process on day one. They are cuddled, pet, handled, and stimulated each day. The puppies are constantly exposed to everyday objects and sounds such as the vacuum, a variety of floor surfaces, traffic noises, radio, television, different types of toys, and much more. Once our puppies are old enough, they meet as many different people as possible - both adults and children. We currently have two cats who the puppies are also exposed to and love to play with!

Once our puppies go to their new homes, it is up to their new owners to continue socializing their puppy. We require our new puppy families to take at least one obedience class before the puppy is a year old. Also, we highly encourage continued classes as a way for the puppy to meet new people and new dogs, in addition to learning manners. The options are endless for classes: obedience, rally, socialization, agility, and manners are among the many types of classes that owners can enjoy with their dogs. Even if there's no interest in competing in an event like rally or agility, the classes are a fun way to spend time together and a great bonding opportunity.

Dependent on weather, our puppies are introduced to being outside starting at 3-4 weeks of age. As long as the weather is nice and warm enough, they get outside play time each day. After the puppies' eyes open, we add an area of newspaper to their pen so they can begin to distinguish a different texture to potty on. Beginning at 3-4 weeks of age, they start spending a lot more time outside of their pen as they become more mobile, and we begin housebreaking. We start by giving them an area of newspaper on the kitchen floor to potty on. As a group, the puppies begin to go outside right away each morning, after each meal, after play time, and after naps. Individually, the puppies quickly learn to either potty on the newspaper or ring the bell hanging from the door (which most quickly pick up from the adult dogs). Puppies are puppies and accidents still happen, but by eight weeks they are well on their way to being fully housebroken! Many of our new families have also put bells on their doors at home, and this has helped them greatly with housebreaking.

Vet check and health guarantee
Our puppies are vet checked and current on their vaccinations before they leave our home after they are 8 weeks of age. We permanently identify our puppies by tattoo (left ear) or microchip before they leave. Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, which is explained in o
ur Puppy Contract.

All of our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and all can be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC). We complete the AKC registration online at the time the puppy joins their new family.

From our home to your home
We highly recommend and encourage that our puppies to be picked up in person by their new families. However, if that is not an option, we are open to arranging an in-cabin flight or meeting part way for approved homes. All expenses are paid for by the new family.

We are here for life
We give each of our puppy buyers our complete support for the entire lifetime of their puppy - and we encourage our puppy buyers to keep in touch with us! We absolutely love to hear updates and see pictures as our puppies grow up. At any point, we will always take back any of our puppies if their owners are unable to keep them for any reason. We require that our puppies are returned to us if they are not able to stay with their families - we do not want our puppies to end up in shelters, rescues, or homes not approved by us.

Annual reunion party
Each summer we host a birthday/reunion party for our puppies and their families. We love to see our puppies again and to see how they are maturing. Of course, we love to see our puppies' families too and hear their stories about the past year! Our families also enjoy seeing their puppy's littermates, comparing stories, and getting to know each other. For those who are unable to make it due to schedules or distance, we encourage them to send us an update and pictures to share at the party. We really look forward to this every year!

View our Puppy Contract.

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Available Puppies

No puppies available at this time. Our last litter was born in June 2016. Now that our current females are retired, our next litter won't be for another 3-4 years. We have exciting plans for the future!

Puppy Contract
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