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Rosco x Millie Litter
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Millie whelped 10 healthy puppies - 4 boys, 6 girls - sired by Rosco on June 19, 2009. We gave each puppy a temporary European themed name while they were here at White Whillow and some of them kept those names. All of the puppies are now living great lives with their new families!
Sire: IABCA Int'l Ch. / UKC Grand Ch. Eclipse's Sheriff of Hazzard County, CGC, OFA, MDR1 N/N - "Rosco"
Rosco is owned by Rebecca of Generations German Shepherds.
See more of him here.
Dam: WGSDCA Major Ptd. / WGSDCII Major Ptd. / UKC Ch. Eclipse One In A Million, CGC, OFA H/E, DM N/N - "Millie"
Millie's Page
Pedigree for Rosco x Millie Litter

All of the puppies at 5 weeks old.
Gino, Bella, Bella, Hans, Knox, Izzy, Halle, Jaeger, Maddie, and Pepper


Maddie (dark blue collar female) lives with Mary and her husband in Minnesota.



Bella (white collar female) lives with Zac, Joleen, and their daughters, Sophia and Celeste, in Minnesota.


White Whillow Bella Donna
Bella (pink collar female) lives with Leslie, Kevin, and their three children in Minnesota.


White Whillow Of Knox
Knox (light green collar male) lives with Lynn and Kayla in Minnesota.


Hans (red collar male) lives with Andrew in Minnesota.


White Whillow Ah-Ah-Choo, CGC
Pepper (silver collar female) lives with Brooke, Jeff, and their three daughters in Minnesota.

WGSDCII Major Ptd. / URO1 UKC BNPIMBS Grand Ch. White Whillow She's Fine, CGC, VCC
Halle (light blue collar female) lives here at White Whillo
w! Halle's Page


Gino (yellow collar male) lives with Sandy, Steve, and their son, Sam, in Minnesota.


Jaeger (dark green collar male) lives with Cindy in Minnesota.


Izzy (gold collar female) lives with Melissa in Minnesota. She also has a German Shepherd friend named Bear!
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