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We absolutely love hearing from our puppies' families! We encourage them to keep in contact with us and send us updates and pictures. Here are some e-mails we have received from the wonderful families of our puppies.

Every summer we host a birthday/reunion party for our puppies. We love to see our puppies again and see how they are maturing. Of course, we love to see our puppies' families too and hear their stories about the past year! Our puppy families also enjoy seeing their puppy's littermates, comparing stories, and getting to know each other! We really look forward to this every year!
  I can't believe Katie is 6 months old already, time just goes so quickly. Katie and myself will graduate from obedience school this Friday. She has done so well and everyone at the training facility loves her. The trainer said the other day that she has the biggest tail he has seen on a shepherd and is definitely great at clearing coffee tables because it's wagging all the time. :-) She is a bit shy around other dogs, but as she gets older I am sure that will get better. I make sure she gets some doggie daycare fun and special grooming appointments to get her out and about. Everytime I take her there she gets so excited. You would think she was a golden retriever with the tail wagging like crazy. She does seem to have a smile most of the time.

Thanks for letting me know how her siblings are doing. Katie seems to be quiet natured like her owner so I think things worked out like they should have.

Susie - owner of Katie (Royce x Millie)
Drew can't keep his hands off of me - I get constant rubs, pets, scratches and kisses. Drew is always telling me that he loves me with all his heart. "Sometimes" I cannot help myself and I smother him with kisses too. We are together almost all of the time. He only leaves me at home, here in the city, when he goes to the supermarket and in the country, when he goes to the beach in the summer - all the rest of the year he takes me to the beach for a run every day.

Love, Your Burke

Drew - owner of Burke (Royce x Millie)
All is well with us. Locke continues to be as wonderful as can be. He definitely grew, about 2 inches longer and feels heavier also. Everyone is smitten with him when they see him. He does well with other dogs but because he is younger and bigger, he does intimidate the other little dogs (he has way more energy than the other dogs). He does well with being potty trained (stands by the door whenever he needs to go) and there are very little accidents inside the house. I took some pictures of Locke and I will download it and send to you ASAP. Locke has already chewed two of my shoes and no one else. =)

Darin, our son, has taken him to the dog park a few times and he loves it. He ran around so much he takes a nap as soon as he gets home. Definitely just like a baby!

I will update more soon......

Kayla - owner of Locke (Royce x Millie)
  I've been growing like a weed! But Mom says I'm having more and more moments of "grown-up" shepherd behavior - whatever THAT means! I'm learning that I like to lay quietly on my bed while Mom is working on the computer, or chew nicely on my bone at night while my family watches TV. I even get one of the Brittany's to play with me now and then - although I usually get attacked in the end because I get too carried away in my excitement. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of me (adorable me!) trying to get around in the new 15" of snow we got last night and today.

Huck :)

Keila - owner of Huck (Royce x Millie)
Well our first night was great!! Riley went to bed (in her kennel) around 10pm and she didn't make a sound until about 6:15am!!! I can't believe it! Then this morning she ate her food and has been busy playing with all her toys! I'm bringing her to the vet later this afternoon, so I'll let you know if anything comes up (I'm sure they'll say that she's in perfect health).

Anyhow, she's absolutely adorable!!

Julie - owner of Riley (Bubby x Millie)
I can't believe it's going on 7 months since we picked up Remmie (Rose). Time has just flown bye. I am truly sorry it took so long to respond. I just found my password for this e-mail and we received your Christmas card and wanted to send you plenty of pictures to have of her. Honestly, everyone who has met her, thinks she is the prettiest shepherd they have ever seen. Shortly after we got her, we got her into puppy class. That was pretty fun, having her play with other dogs and making sure I knew how to raise her right. She graduated puppy class and I think we are going to start obedience training in the summer. Remmie is a bit spoiled. We have family and friends who like to come hang out at our house, and everyone always greets her first. Maybe it's because she's always the first one to the door but they are just as excited to see her. I like to say she is my little drama queen because every-time she lays down or you pet her when she is comfortable, she'll groan. It's pretty funny. To tell you the truth, I think she might think she's a cat. She like to sleep on top of the back cushion on our couch and at the top of the pillows on our bed and yes we scoot down so she has room (like I said, a bit spoiled!). Remmie gets along with all animals. When it was warm out, I would take her to the dog park every other day. She would play with all of the dogs, big or small. She gets along with our other animals pretty well. She likes to chase the cats and they aren't to fond of that but jsut the other week I caught my oldest cat Snickers, cuddling with Remmie. It was a sight to see! My other dog Bruiser is small but whenever he thinks another dog is getting to rough with her, he lets them know! Thank you so much for allowing us to have such a wonderful dog.

Kristen - owner of Remmie (Bubby x Millie)
Arti is doing really well. She has the potty training down "most" of the time. She had her first SARS training today and slept through it. She gets worn out from trying to get Fluffy to play. Kacie wants you to know "she is amazing, we love her, and are taking good care of her." We also enjoyed meeting you and Joy.

Pam - owner of Arti (Bubby x Millie)

She did great for her first night! She took to me very quickly, you would never have known she had only spent a few hours with me. Her and Bear are getting along great and she also likes my neighbors dog as well. Won't be long before she is bossing them around. Thannks again for trusting her to me, she's a great girl.

Melissa - owner of Izzy (Rosco x Millie)
  Brooke wrote a wonderful story about Pepper, and it was published on the Total-German-Shepherd website! Please click on the link below to read it.

Pepper the German Shepherd

Brooke - owner of Pepper (Rosco x Millie)
The last week has been an adventure for sure! => Jaeger is doing well. We are at the lake today. He went on his first pontoon ride yesterday. We let him wander around the pontoon before we actually left the dock. We didn't let him wander while we were actually driving around the lake because I was worried he would jump off. He actually slept most of the time.

He had his first play date this week with his new friend Riley. Riley is a 7 month old Golden Retriever. Riley has been well socialized so he was really good with Jaeger. It was so fun to watch. They played together for a couple of hours. We are going to hang out with Riley and his mom again soon.

We are off to play in the yard now. I will be sending you more pictures. I have also started to add his pics on facebook so these might be duplicates if you have looked at those.

Cindy - owner of Jaeger (Rosco x Millie)
Knox is doing great - sleeping through the night, and walking on the leash quite well...and seems to heal naturally!

He does LOVE the bathroom - likes to hang-out on the cool tiles, and take a happy nap under the table that we have in there.

One of his ears (the right one) keeps on popping-up, and then goes down...he is so darn cute!

Everyone who meets him thinks that he is 'magical', and we would have to agree!

He'll be going in to meet my beloved vet on Monday, and I cannot wait to show him off to Dr. Spong.

He loves his kennel, and spends a lot of time taking all his 'treasures' (i.e. shoes, hats, socks, books, and toys) in there, until he is sitting on a pile-o-schtuff! (King of the Hill!)

We feel truly blessed to have him in our family! And, cannot thank you enough!

I hope that this email finds you, and Millie and the gang enjoying this last days of Summer!

Lynn - owner of Knox (Rosco x Millie)
Well the first night here couldn't have gone any better! Hans went right into his kennel when I set him in front of it for his bedtime. He didn't whine at all the entire night (which surprised me, I figured he would have some type of withdrawal from his brother and sisters). I did hear him wake up at 4 this morning, so I took him out and to my surprise there were no "accidents" inside the crate!

As I'm typing this now he is taking a nap beside me and is quiet as could be and being a very good puppy. He keeps wanting to go outside and play, but I am making him wait until the grass is dry so that we can go out and play and roll around in the grass.

Thank you so much for this wonderful puppy! I will definitely keep you two updated on how he is doing.

Andrew - owner of Hans (Rosco x Millie)
Bella did amazingly well without the crate last night. She cried a few times, but then I said hi to her and she was quiet. When she got up she was very playful and happy. The kids are constantly around her, so she's getting lots of socialization :) When I got up this morning she had gone bathroom on the newspaper. I was impressed!

Leslie - owner of Bella (Rosco x Millie)
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